Fabian Olivefield

Welcome to my portfolio!

Below you’ll find titles and log lines for my screenplays. If you have any questions or interest, please find my contact at the bottom of the page.


Screenplay | Feature | Drama

In a small Georgian town, a lonely and introverted artist welcomes a beaten up, homeless man into his house. The sparks from their unexpected friendship impact not only their lives, but the ones around them.

Screenplay | Sitcom

After his dad’s funeral, a stoic American student, Mike, and his three best friends have to deal with the consequences of a new arrival in their group: Julien, Mike’s estranged French brother.

Screenplay | Feature | Comedy

Three cops – a brilliant yet compulsive Brit, a French nymphomaniac, an Italian with violent tendencies – are forced to team up with the FBI to solve a unique case in Arizona: the bus of the Newcastle soccer team exploded.

Screenplay | Feature | Thriller

Agent Rory, an ambitious FBI agent, convinces Eric, a distressed and lonely French professor, to help her solve the murder of an infamous American physicist. Upon his arrival in the US, Eric is identified as the murderer by the sole witness.

Screenplay | Feature | Drama

Five diverse characters have to deal with their personal feelings of guilt surrounding the suicide of a waitress they all interacted with minutes before her death.

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