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Blood & Genius | Short Stories Based on the Truths of Strangers

Project Status: Ongoing
Projected Launch Date: June 01, 2020
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Writing can be a very lonely endeavour, and as someone who thrives off the energy and presence of others, writing often felt like a daunting task. Because I love story composition, and find the physical act of writing itself incredibly therapeutic, I set out to find a way I could mix my love for people and the craft. This sparked the conception of Blood & Genius

I started by asking the people closest to me, “what moment changed the trajectory of your life?” The answers were everything but simple. Tales of heartbreak and perseverance emerged. I knew I’d discovered something important.

Giving voice to stories that would otherwise go unheard is not a new concept for me. My history includes sexuality and relationship blogging, where I’d interview others on the most intimate details of their life. I wondered why this would be any more difficult. As someone described as fair, open-minded and compassionate, I knew I was capable of not only writing their truths, but creating a safe space to receive them.

Blood & Genius is a compilation of short stories based on the lives and interviews of a diverse range of individuals. From people I’ve never met prior, to those nearest and dearest to my heart. From South Africa, to North Italy, from France to New York City, through their stories I’ve travelled. They are no one you would know, but their truths are overflowing with tragedy, romance, inspiration and hope.

In this day and age, with political and global stresses, and the boom of technology, it is too easy for critical narratives to sink in this sea of bottomless content. Blood & Genius is a rare opportunity to reignite connection between human beings, and shine even the smallest of light into the darkness the world has recently endured.

What is unique about Blood & Genius is it’s not just a compilation of stories, but a growing community. It’s platform to share our own, unique human experience. It offers vivid memories of people who, not unlike ourselves, have faced their own hardships. These stories are their stories, abound with acts of kindness, courage, pain, loyalty, love, blood and genius.

This platform envelopes all that is special about our species, and stands alone in two important ways. First, it is one of the few passionate, dignified portraits of humanity. Even more importantly however, this platform is accompanied by an ever growing community of likeminded, forward thinking individuals who wish to lift others, and provide similar space in their own lives, for their friends, families, and communities. The result is a moving tribute to the human condition—a story of blood and genius, the two elements we all have in common; the two elements that pretty much sum up the notable context of most people’s lives.

Our genius is where we put our blood. It’s what we make sacrifices for. It’s what makes us feel alive. I do this, not to get recognition for myself, but to get recognition of those who were brave enough to offer their truths. It is so easy to forget the importance of our story. That’s the real tragedy, because it is, in fact, the one thing that could change the world, lives, bring us closer together in celebration of this sometimes disastrous, sometimes monumental experience called life.

If I’ve learned anything from the stories I’ve heard it’s that there is no right or wrong way to live. It’s simple, don’t be cruel, do the best you can with what you’ve been given, and whenever possible, choose love.


Sunset and the Cool Kids | Novel

Project Status: Published

I introduce to you, my first novel, Sunset and the Cool Kids.

Somewhere in the woods of your hometown, a group of young adults sit around a bonfire. They speak of love and loss, and ways to escape the world they know. Trying to find themselves in a town divided between the prigs and pin babies, Sunset and the cool kids find refuge amongst each other.

Sunset and the Cool Kids is a coming of age story that challenges the definition of family, the depths of friendship, and what it means to be truly loved. If nothing else, Sunset and the Cool Kids will rip your heart out, only to replace it with a fuller one.

When these characters came to life on the page, they suddenly became a part of me. I couldn’t let them go. Telling their story was one of the hardest, most liberating experiences of my life.


“The style of writing the author possesses is so fluid, so romantic and descript. An essence of The Outsiders but with more at stake. A new voice for those who have yet to find theirs.”

I took Sunset and the Cool Kids on vacation with me. I finished it in two days. When it ended, I both lost and gained a piece of myself.”

“Such a gorgeous literary style of writing: elegant and poetic, like Nabokov.”

Sunset and the Cool Kids is probably one of the most important books I’ve read in a long time.”

“So, I finally read your book. I finished it in a day. And I read it as only a Sunset Kid would. It was amazing, lady! I love it! It’s beautiful. I laughed, I cried. And as soon as I finished, I started again.”

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