About the Olivefields

Hi, I’m Brandi. Salut, je suis Fabian.

And we’re both happy you’re here (despite my creepy smile and the look in Fabian’s eyes)!

Between the two of us, we’ve written one novel, five screenplays, eighty blog articles, a series of short stories and film. We have history in sexuality and relationship coaching, luxury hospitality, corporate positions and entrepreneurship. We love to eat, laugh and travel, but mostly, our hearts are set on creation.

One of us is American/Canadian, the other is a French purebred. I’d ask if you can guess who is who, but I think the names give it away.

Oh, and we are happily married.

How Did We Meet?

I, Brandi, was waiting to ride a rollercoaster with my thrill-seeking sister, Brittney, when a Frenchman and a group of women cut in front of us. I was going to say something, but Britt didn’t seem to care, and considering I was hobbling on a broken ankle and anticipating my Final Destination 3-like death, I didn’t have the energy for confrontation.

If you’re Canadian, or live in the north eastern parts of the USA, you may have heard of Wonderland. It’s Toronto’s immense theme park. If you’ve been there, you know most of your time spent is in a line. It’s wonderful if you’re with the right people…

Or, you know, getting hit on by some beautiful Frenchman. Truth is, my sister was the one who broke the ice. Can always count on her endearingly, flirtatious personality at a time you really just don’t want to meet anyone (I was seven months fresh out of a long term relationship)…

Essentially, it turned into our first date, considering the line was 90 minutes long. We have been inseparable ever since. (Thanks, Britt! Still have no idea how to repay you).

Why Create and Why Now?

Fabian here.

I think I can speak for both the wifey and I when I say there’s no real answer to why we create. We just do. And have been for the majority of our lives. I used to write scripts with friends, and practice my Academy Awards acceptance speech in the mirror. Ya. I was that guy. Brandi didn’t differ too much though. She fantasized about being interviewed by Oprah and Ellen.

Ya, I get it, our dreams sound far-fetched to some people, but that’s what her and I have in common: belief in ourselves and each other. We share our ideas and stories with one another, give feedback and alternative ideas. Some of our best moments together are just brainstorming, and getting excited about the next possible masterpiece!

We create because we are so deeply moved by film, novels, stories, people…we want to be a part of that joy, that connection, the hope. So why now? Because people need it more than ever.

What You Can Expect From Us?

We will keep you up to date on our projects and adventures, let you in on our secrets as an artist-couple, stay connected through a variety of media, answer any questions you have, and just be us! Authentic. Transparent. Cool (because we think we’re pretty cool!).

Topics we love and can be expected: reading, writing, film and television, travel, sexuality and relationships, wellbeing and mental health. As we learn more about each other, and we share more about our lives, you’ll understand how all of these things are connected.

It’s gonna be fun!

Best Ways to Stay Connected?

Subscribe to our website, follow us across all media channels @olivefieldproductions, and don’t be shy! Comment, ask questions, say “hey!” and share your own work! We love humans as much as we do creating for them, and we know there are so many artists out there. It’s time to #lifteachother!

Seriously, Thank You!

Thanks for being here. It’s always such a pleasure to build community, even virtually. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, welcome to the Olivefield Family – a place to inspire the masses!

Yours truly,

Brandi and Fabian