Just a couple with some big ideas…

We are smashing our metaphorical champagne bottle, and sending our baby off to sea.

This is it, folks. We are finally out here, in the great wide web. It is scary, but also elating. Whether 5 or 5000 people read this, our story didn’t begin here, in fact, it started six years ago. You’ll learn more about that as the weeks go on, and we become more acquainted.

If you haven’t already checked out our About the Olivefield’s page, definitely give that a peek. It’ll give you a bit more insight on what you can expect from us moving forward. If you’ve gotten that out of the way, then keep scrolling as we introduce ourselves…

Hi –

I’m Brandi Olivefield. I’m an author, blogger, and sexuality and relationship coach. You can find my current and past projects here. I graduated from University with a BA in English Literature, and have spent the majority of my professional career writing fiction as a self-published author. I have also done fictional writing for businesses, and non-fictional blogging on themes specific to sexuality and relationships.

I am currently working freelance and on a project called Blood & Genius, whereby I interview total strangers and write short stories based on critical moments of their lives. It has been an incredibly humbling journey.

If I’m not typing away, you can find me in nature, at some kind of music event, or sitting around a bonfire with the people I love most.

Salut –

I’m Fabian Olivefield. I am a screenwriter, actor and entrepreneur. You can find my current and past projects here. I co-founded the game publishing company, Le Droit de Perdre, in Paris, France, and later graduated from the Academy of Acting for Film and Television, in Toronto. I have since written five screenplays across diverse genres.

I love travelling and exploring new places. I am currently working on scripts with my film team in Atlanta, Georgia, but can otherwise be found hiking, playing poker, or sipping wine, under the sun, with the love of my life.

Together we live between Toronto (Canada), Marseille (France) and Atlanta (Georgia, USA). We have a pretty unconventional lifestyle, focussed on making connections in the most unlikely of places (I mean, come on, we met in a theme park), and experiencing as much as we possibly can. Who was it that said, “either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing”? Benjamin Franklin? Well, it sums us up.

Hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we do!

Yours truly,

Brandi and Fabian

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